Seating at Babu co-working cafe in Rome, Italy

Babù co-working cafe in Rome

If you’re a digital nomad, you work from home, or you just want a cool place to hang out, check out Babù co-working cafe near the Furio Camillo metro stop in Rome!

Babù co-working cafe in Rome, Italy

After six months away, I returned to my beloved Rome just a few days ago. I’m currently staying in a house temporarily that has no internet, so I had to investigate some nearby options for working from home, and fast.

Like the Room of Requirement in Harry Potter, Babù co-working cafe appeared at the other end of my Google search, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working from here this week as I settle back into my life in Rome.

Coffee at Babu co-working cafe in Rome, Italy

Where is Babù co-working cafe?

You can find Babù a short walk from the metro A stop Furio Camillo at Via Carlo Denina 18.

Seating at Babu co-working cafe in Rome, Italy

How much does it cost?

To sit and enjoy the wifi and welcoming atmosphere at Babù, it’ll cost you €3 an hour, including partial hours. This includes one free coffee and access to a tea-making station as you work.

If you’re planning on making a day of it, take advantage of Babù’s best deal: for €15, you can get four hours of internet plus lunch. They have light, fresh menu items that range in price from €10-12, so the four-hour deal is a steal!

Salad at Babù co-working cafe in Rome, Italy

What’s the setup like at Babù?

There’s a lovely outdoor seating area when you arrive, with several tables and chairs, along with umbrellas for those warm, sunny days.

Once you enter, you’ll find two bright, spacious rooms to choose from. Plugs and ample seating are available. You can also rent a private room for meetings.

One thing that sets Babù apart is that it’s extremely kid friendly! There’s even a tiny toilet in the bathroom for little ones, and a low sink to match.

Outdoor seating at Babu co-working cafe in Rome, Italy

Anything else I should know about Babù?

In addition to the co-working setup offered during the week, Babù has a Saturday brunch.

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