Epiro enoteca and restaurant in Rome

Epiro enoteca and restaurant in Rome

Not too long ago, some friends invited me to a new-to-me spot in San Giovanni for dinner called Epiro.

Once they said “natural wine”, I was in.

Located in its eponymous piazza, Epiro is small but inviting, with cozy indoor dining as well as a covered terrace space at the back.

On the menu that night were seven small plates as starters, followed by three primi and three secondi. One sweet and bread rounded out the day’s offerings.

We went for a mix of starters and pasta.

Everything was delicious. The standout antipasto for me was the sweet-and-salty veggie tempura, although the mozzarella in carrozza was a close second (if you’ve never had one, think fried grilled cheese).

The carbonara and amatriciana were also both excellent. The guanciale was nice and crispy, just how I like it.

Another standout for me at Epiro was the wine, a pet nat that the waiter described as “succoso” (juicy) and “torbido” (cloudy), which is EXACTLY what I’m looking for in a natural wine. I now use those two adjectives when I’m ordering it. Thank you, waiter, for the wine and the Italian lesson!

There are lots of great places to eat in the Appio Latino area, like Santo Palato, Barred and Trattoria Popolare L’avvolgibile. After my visit to Epiro, I’m most definitely adding it to the list.

Piazza Epiro 26


+39 06 6931 7603

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