Welcome to Luggage and Life. I’m Molly, an American based in Rome. My mission for this blog is to help people travel and eat well and Italy and beyond. I also write about moving overseas and life abroad. Thanks so much for reading!

I’ve never traveled for an extended period of time, but rather, I’ve moved abroad and have made my life in three different countries (Italy, Australia, Senegal, and now Italy again), traveling from my various home bases. The simple reason for this is that I’ve never had the money to not work, but I decided not to let that get in the way of my dream of seeing the world.

You can read more about me and my adventures here.

Exit sign in Turkey
Me, many moons ago, visiting the amazing city of Istanbul
Diola King of Oussoueye in Casamance, Senegal
Me with the King of Oussoueye in Senegal!
Coogee to Bondi
On the Coogee to Bondi walk in Sydney, Australia

Because I’m based in Italy, the majority of my posts are about eating and traveling well in this beautiful country. Italy can be a tricky place to navigate as a foreigner, but I’m here to help you experience it like a local.

If you’re interested in moving overseas, check out the Life Abroad page.

I also have a Food page, because, like I said above I love to eat (and cook). Food, for me, is one of the greatest things about exploring the world and getting to know different cultures. I love how sharing meals brings families and even strangers together.

I try to share my experiences in a way that is both entertaining and realistic. All too often we’re bombarded with perfect images of perfect people doing perfect activities, but we all know that life is far from perfect, and that life overseas and travel can lead to some pretty unexpected, challenging, and amusing situations.

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We write to taste life twice….

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