Pizza margherita at Seu Pizza Illuminati in Trastevere, Rome, Italy

Seu Pizza Illuminati in Rome

Seu Pizza Illuminati

Some restaurants are just downright awesome, and Seu Pizza Illuminati is one of these. The young chef, Pier Daniele Seu, is considered by some to be Rome’s most creative pizzaiolo.

The menu at Seu Pizza Illuminati

There are classic and “old school” offerings on the menu, but the seasonal section is the one to check out, as it’s where Seu’s creativity shines. You’ll find pizzas that include toppings like za’atar, oven-roasted peaches, and yes, for the summer of 2020, even CHICKEN. CHICKEN! (brb, updating all the posts in which I’ve ever said that no one puts chicken on pizza in Italy…)

Of utmost importance to Seu and his crew are the ingredients – he uses only the best. You’ll also find a carefully curated wine and beer list.

Pizza margherita at Seu Pizza Illuminati in Trastevere, Rome, Italy

What we ate at Seu Pizza Illuminati

The Pizza

The first time I ate at Seu was the night before we went into lockdown. I clung to the precious memory for weeks as I dreamt about eating out again.

I had my usual margherita and J had an absolute masterpizza (see what I did there?) that was topped with shredded beef, garlic cream and oregano. I had a significant feeling of order envy. He bested me again, the rascal! (but he also shared with me, because he may be part rascal, but he is also part angel).

The crust at Seu Pizza Illuminati is a work of art. It’s thin in the middle and surrounded by a thick ring of puffy perfection around the edges.

Pizza at Seu Pizza Illuminati in Trastevere Rome Italy
The angel/rascal’s pizza


The sweet we had was also off the charts – a sphere of white chocolate with passion fruit filling and raspberry crumbles on the outside, served with plump blackberries and crunchy cookie bits. The server actually giggled at our faces when he saw us staring at each other in stunned silence as we tasted the divine dessert. It was equal parts sweet and tart, crunchy and creamy, and 100% delicious.

I haven’t tried any of the dessert pizzas, but they’re on my list (as is the rest of the menu, if I’m being honest).

Dessert at Seu Pizza Illuminati in Rome, Italy

Booking info, location, and hours

Website for booking – it’s an absolute must!

Trastevere, Via Angelo Bargoni 10 – 18

Open daily 7pm – 12am; closed for vacation from 17 to 23 August, 2020

Seu Pizza Illuminati in the Trastevere neighborhood of Rome, Italy serves up the most creative pizzas in the eternal city. If you’re looking for new riffs on Italian pizza, this is the place to go! Don’t miss Seu Pizza Illuminati in Rome!

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