The complete guide to rooftop bars and restaurants in Rome

Rooftop bars and restaurants in Rome scream summertime – icy drinks and all kinds of food are served with a side of sunset over the Eternal City. And being up so high usually means there’s a breeze, allowing you to escape the heat. What’s not to love?

It seems like every time I open Instagram, I see a post from a new rooftop bar or restaurant in Rome, so I’ve decided to compile this list of every one that I could find so that you can choose your menu and your view according to your own personal taste and budget.

Some of these rooftop bars and restaurants have views of Rome’s best-known monuments, while others offer modern, decorative spaces in lesser-known areas of the city. 

Get ready to enjoy a perfect Roman day or evening overlooking one of the most stunning cities in the world.

Cocktail at the Court rooftop bar in Rome, Italy
Cheers to Rome’s rooftop bars and restaurants!

The complete guide to rooftop bars and restaurants in Rome

Do I need to book a rooftop bar or restaurant in Rome?

Yes, I would say absolutely, especially if you want to go to one of the more popular ones in the city center (i.e. those with the best views).

One really great thing about lots of rooftop bars and restaurants in Rome is that they have online booking systems. I’ve linked to them below, where available.

When are Rome’s rooftop bars and restaurants open?

The general season for rooftop bars and restaurants in Rome starts in April and stretches to October, thanks to Rome’s mild climate. Some of them even bring out heaters or put up floor-to-ceiling windows so that you can enjoy them all year round. 

Should I go to a rooftop bar or restaurant for lunch, aperitivo or dinner?

As you check out the menus and drink lists for these spots, you’ll probably notice that they’re pretty pricey, on the whole. Some of the restaurants on this list have Michelin stars, some are vying for them, and others are simply a bit upscale.

Luckily, there are some options if you’re on a budget. You can also consider going to one of the nicer places for aperitivo, rather than splurging on dinner. 

Lunch is a cheaper option as well, but note that not many rooftop spaces open before aperitivo time (around 6pm).

Aperitivo at Rome’s rooftop bars and restaurants

All of my rooftop experiences in Rome have been for aperitivo. Some have a fixed price, usually of around 25 Euro for one drink chosen from a list and several snacks. Others allow you to choose a drink and pay just a few more Euro than the normal price to have some snacks with it. 

Like I said above, if you want the experience without the price tag, aperitivo is the way to go.

What should I wear to a rooftop bar or restaurant in Rome?

Several rooftop venues in Rome have dress codes. I have included the ones I found below.

Even if there’s no dress code indicated on the website or social media account of your sky-high bar or restaurant of choice, know that people tend to dress up a bit for rooftop soirees. I’d say to avoid athleisure or other gym gear, as well as flip flops and hats as a general rule (this applies to Italy in general – see here for more of my top Italy tips).

A free map of every rooftop bar and restaurant in Rome

I’ve grouped this list by neighborhood, so that you can find a rooftop in your area that suits your budget. Here’s my free map to help you out!

View from Oro Bistrot rooftop in Rome, Italy
The view from Oro Bistrot

Aventino/San Saba

Marco Martini Cocktail Bar

Viale Aventino 121, +39 06 455 97 350, +39 328 58 68 233, or book lunch/dinner online

Enjoy Michelin-starred snacks with your drink in this upscale spot on Viale Aventino, which has a self-described “Great Gatsby-like” atmosphere. Hungry for more than just aperitivo? Stay for dinner, or come earlier in the day for lunch.


La Pergola at the Rome Cavalieri Waldorf Astoria Hotel

Via Alberto Cadlolo 101 – book online

If you’re looking for a special, perhaps even once-in-a-lifetime experience, this might just be it. La Pergola is Rome’s only restaurant that has been awarded three Michelin Stars under Chef Heinz Beck. Couple that with its five-star view of St. Peter’s Basilica, and you have a truly magical experience on your hands.

Barberini/Trevi Fountain

Zaffìro Rooftop at Hotel Barberini

Via Rasella 3, +39 064814993, or book online

Atop the four-star Hotel Barberini, Rooftop Zaffìro offers aperitivo and dinner. Although it’s located near the Trevi Fountain, you can see one of Rome’s other most famous attractions – St. Peter’s Basilica – in the distance.

Rooftop Spritzeria Barberini at Hotel Barberini

Enjoy a drink at Hotel Barberini’s Spritzeria, one of the newer rooftop venues in Rome.

Roof Garden Bar at Hotel 87

Via del Tritone 87-89, +39 0645653934,

You’ll find traditional seating as well as comfy couches and armchairs on this rooftop, which boasts a view of the Spanish Steps. The Roof Garden Bar puts new twists on classic cocktails.

Organics SkyGarden at Aleph Rome Hotel

Via di San Basilio 15, +39 06 4229001

Reserve a table:

The Organics SkyGarden has cocktails and snacks like many other rooftop bars and restaurants in Rome, but you can also visit their shisha corner, and from April to October, you can take a swim in the pool.

Sky Blu Restaurant at Aleph Rome Hotel

If you can’t get enough of Aleph Rome, stay for dinner at the Sky Blu Restaurant, the hotel’s rooftop trattoria.

Rooftop Jim’s Bar at the Singer Palace Hotel

Via Alessandro Specchi 10, +39 06 697 6161

Every drink at Rooftop Jim’s is served with a savory snack. Couple your culinary delights with a view of Rome’s monuments and churches, and you’ve got a perfect evening.

Otto Roof Bar at the W Hotel

Via Liguria 26/36, +39 06 894121, book online

This green rooftop space serves up pizza and crudo alongside cocktails.

Spritz at Spritzeria Monti rooftop bar in Rome, Italy
Cheers from Spritzeria Monti

Campo de’ Fiori

Hey Güey at Hotel Chapter Roma

Via di S. Maria De’ Calderari 47, +39 of 89935351

If you’re tired of Italian food, this is the Roman rooftop for you – its Mexican theme and menu were designed to transport you across the ocean.

I Sofà Bar Restaurant and Roof Terrace at Hotel Indigo Rome – St. George

Via Giulia 62, +39 0668661846, book online

This Roman rooftop bar and restaurant in the five-star boutique hotel Indigo has a twist that many others in the city don’t: they serve an American breakfast from seven to eleven am.

Circus Maximus

47 Circus Roof Garden at Hotel 47

Via Petroselli 47, +39 3480162378

Pass through the elegant lobby and take the elevator up to this terrace, which overlooks the Circus Maximus, two ancient temples and the church that houses la Bocca della Verità (the Mouth of Truth).

47 Circus has a dress code – shorts, baseball hats, flip flops or other beach sandals and athletic gear are not permitted.


La Terrazza Bar at Hotel Capo d’Africa

Via Capo d’Africa 54 – +39 06 772801

Hotel Capo d’Africa has not one, but two terraces – a smaller one that has a view of the Colosseum, and a larger one with a view of the Medieval Basilica of the Santi Quattro Coronati. Enjoy a relaxing aperitivo or dine by candlelight on the terrace of your choice.

Aroma Restaurant at Palazzo Manfredi

Via Labicana 125, +39 06 976151509,

If you want a luxurious experience on your trip to Rome, Aroma might be the place to have it. This restaurant doesn’t just offer a stunning view of the Colosseum, it also has a Michelin star, and a range of tasting menus that vary in price from €130-220 (at the time of writing, and not including wine pairings).

A dress code of smart casual is required. Men are asked to wear long pants and collared shirts.

The Court at Palazzo Manfredi

Via Labicana 125, +39 06 69354581, book online

While not technically a rooftop, I couldn’t leave the Court off the list because with its Colosseum view and stellar cocktails, you’ll feel like you’re on top of the world.

Flaminio/Piazza del Popolo

Settimo Roman Cuisine and Terrace at Sofitel Rome Villa Borghese

Via Lombardia 47, +39 06 47 8021,

Located near Villa Borghese, Settimo’s view of Roman rooftops on one side and treetops on the other make it a city-center oasis.

Like I said above, many rooftop bars and restaurants in Rome are only open during the summer months, but Settimo is an exception – it’s closed off with windows in the fall and winter, so you can enjoy it all year round.

Terrazza Nainer at Palazzo Nainer Boutique Hotel

Via del Babuino 196, +39 06 45220701, book online

The sleek black and white terrace at Palazzo Nainer offers views that sweep across the Flaminio/Villa Borghese area of Rome.

Hi-Res at Hotel Valadier

Via della Fontanella 15, +39 06 3212905,

Between the Spanish Steps and Piazza del Popolo sits Hotel Valadier, with a rooftop restaurant that is open 365 days a year.

Aqcuaroof Terrazza Molinari at the First Arte Hotel

Via del Vantaggio 14 – email to book

The terrace at The First Arte Hotel is one of few in the city that is open all day, with breakfast from 7:30-10:30am, lunch from 12:30-2:30pm, aperitivo from 6:30-8pm, and dinner from 7:30 to 11:30pm. The rooftop hosts a fish restaurant and a cocktail bar.

Alto at the First Musica Hotel

Lungotevere dei Mellini 26 – email to book

Housed at the sister location of the First Arte Hotel, and one of the the newer rooftop bars on the block, Alto Cocktail Bar is open year round for lunch, dinner and drinks on the sixth and seventh floors of the First Musica Hotel. You might even catch one of their DJ sets or a live music event.

Oliva at the First Musica Hotel

Lungotevere dei Mellini 26 – email to book

Below Alto is Oliva restaurant, which serves Italian fare and, thanks to its floor-to- ceiling windows, offers a wide view of the surrounding cityscape.

Glass of natural wine at Jacopa rooftop bar in Rome, Italy
Natural wine at Jacopa in Trastevere


Terrazza Mirador 

Via del Gianicolo 3 – Call after 7pm daily for reservations: +39 351 871 6027

Although not technically a rooftop like most others in this list, Terrazza Mirador has no shortage of views or vibes. One of the newer terrace spaces in Rome, the dinner menu is a mix of Spanish, Italian and Roman, with an interesting list of classic and signature cocktails to wash it all down.


Mùn Rooftop Cocktail Bar at DoubleTree by Hilton

Piazza dell’Esquilino 1 – +39 06 45774500 –

The design of this modern space works perfectly with the colors of the city that surrounds it. At Mùn, you can enjoy an aperitivo and/or a light dinner.

Tiziano Terrace at the Monti Palace Hotel

Via Cavour 185 – +39 06 480231

With a tagline of “Eat, Drink, Admire,” it’s difficult to imagine doing anything else at this terrace that offers a 180-degree view of Rome’s Monti district. 

Rooftop Spritzeria Monti at Hotel Condominio 

Via dei Serpenti 110 – +39 339 715 76 36

Creative takes on the classic spritz are the star of the show at Rooftop Spritzeria Monti. Bonus: if you look to the left, you get a peek of the Colosseum.

Humus Bistrot 

Via della Madonna dei Monti 108, +39 348 807 7168

At Hummus Bistrot, you can sample light fare and drinks in a great location in Monti.

Terrazza Monti at Rome Glam Hotel

Via Nazionale 82 – +39 06 99345430 –

Gourmet lunches and dinners, as well as aperitivi, are on the menu at this chic spot.


The Divinity Terrace Lounge Bar and Restaurant at the Pantheon Iconic Rome Hotel

Via di Santa Chiara 4/A, +39 06 87807070

Signature cocktails and lunch, aperitivo and dinner are all available at the Divinity Terrace, where you can admire the Pantheon while you eat and drink.

La Terrazza del Cèsari at 9Hotel Cèsari

Via di Pietra 89/A, +39 06 674 9701,

Take your pick of views at La Terrazza bar – you can choose to sip and snack while gazing at either Piazza di Pietra or the façade of the church of St. Ignatius of Loyola.


Piazza della Minerva 69

I included this iconic Roman rooftop restaurant in the list because it’s one of the most popular in the city; however, at the time of writing, it was closed for renovations. Stay tuned for updates!

Fried snacks for aperitivo at Jacopa rooftop bar in Rome, Italy
Stunning views with fritti on the side


Enoteca la Torre at La Rinascente 

Piazza Fiume, +39 06 8400 9725,

One of the newer rooftop restaurants and bars in Rome, Enoteca la Torre at La Rinascente department store brings with it a sterling reputation for excellence, thanks to the Michelin star that the group earned for another venture, Villa Laetitia.

Start or finish your shopping day in style with breakfast, lunch, aperitivo or dinner in this richly decorated new space, which is open year-round.

Piazza Navona

Terrazza Borromini

Via di Santa Maria dell’Anima 30, +39 391 311 4532,

Located on the fourth floor of art gallery Palazzo Pamphilij, Terrazza Borromini offers a birds-eye view of one of Rome’s most beautiful squares: Piazza Navona. Along with your food and drinks, you can take in the baroque beauty of Bernini’s famous Fountain of the Four Rivers below and the dome of Borromini’s Sant’Agnese in Agone beside.

Mater Tarrae at Hotel Raphael

Largo Febo 2, +39 06 682831, book online

This all-organic vegetarian and vegan restaurant has two menus: one gourmet and the other from their bistrot bar. 

Terrazza delle Cinque Lune

Via Giuseppe Zanardelli, +39 064 542 9400,

Located just outside of Piazza Navona but still offering an excellent view of its surroundings, brunch and aperitivo are both available at la Terrazza delle Cinque Lune.

Piazza Venezia/Roman Forum

Otium Roof Bar at Otium Hotel

Via d’Aracoeli 11, +39 06 40410547or book via WhatsApp at +39 333 852 5813

The rooftop at Otium has a 360-degree view of the city that includes il Vittoriano in Piazza Venezia, the Capitoline Hill and the Great Synagogue of Rome.

The bar has three shifts for Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays – 6-8pm, 8-10pm, and 10-midnight. Note that guests are required to spend a minimum of 15 euro on those days.

Roof Garden Restaurant at Hotel Forum

Via Tor de’ Conti 25, +39 06 67 92 446

Housed in a former monastery, the Hotel Forum has two rooftop features: a restaurant and a bar (more on that below).

The restaurant is known for its location, which is just a stone’s throw from the Forum of Nerva, and its elegant atmosphere. 

American Bar at Hotel Forum

Via Tor de’ Conti 25, +39 06 67 92 446

Just above the Roof Garden Restaurant at Hotel Forum is the American Bar, where you can enjoy a cocktail with an even higher-up view of the Eternal City.

Oro Bistrot at NH Collection Fori Imperiali

Via di Sant’Eufemia 19 – for reservations of more than 9 people, call +39 349 889 2632 between 10 and 18 from Monday to Friday –

The most recent rooftop bar I’ve visited in Rome, Oro Bistrot is the perfect place to enjoy golden hour in the city center. Watch Il Vittoriano and the Roman Fora glow as the sun sets with a delicious cocktail in hand. 

I went for aperitivo, but if you want to make an evening of it, book a table for dinner and enjoy the Bistrot’s Sicily-inspired menu.

Aperitivo snacks at the Court in Rome, Italy
Aperitivo snacks at the Court


Feria Loft at Lanificio

Via di Pietralata 159, +39 06 41780081,

An atelier, osteria, dance club and rooftop terrace fill the 3,500 square meter space at Lanificio, which was once a woolen mill.


Pool Bar and Restaurant at Hotel Anantara, Palazzo Naiadi

+39 06 4893 8920, request a booking at

Open from mid-May to mid-September, the Pool Bar and Restaurant at Hotel Anantara offers poolside cocktails and seafood to be enjoyed while taking in a panoramic view of Rome. 

The hotel itself is located in a building with a magnificent colonnade in Piazza della Repubblica. In addition to its rooftop terrace and many other facilities, it has meeting rooms that were constructed over the ruins of the Baths of Diocletian, which are visible through glass.

Ambrosia Rooftop Restaurant and Bar at Hotel Artemide

Via Nazionale 22, +39 48991763,

Named for the nectar of the Roman gods, Ambrosia Rooftop Restaurant and Bar at Hotel Artemide is open to external visitors from 3:30pm onwards. Reservations are required.

San Lorenzo

The Apartment Bar

Via dei Marrucini, 1A, +39 347 9244162

Serving a buffet and à la carte lunch as well as apericena (an abundant aperitivo), this vintage-style rooftop bar in San Lorenzo is great if you’re looking for an off-the-beaten-path spot.

San Paolo

Angeli Rock

Via Ostiense 193 B/C/D, book online 

Angeli Rock is a restaurant and event space that hosts everything from karaoke to theme parties. Another great off-the-beaten-path spot in Rome, their rooftop overlooks the Basilica di San Paolo, one of Rome’s four papal basilicas. Book online for aperitivo or drinks after dinner, when the city cools down and the scene heats up.

View of Roman fora and Victor Emmanuel monument from Oro Bistrot rooftop bar in Rome, Italy
The Roman fora and Victor Emmanuel monument from Oro Bistrot

Spanish Steps


Via della Fontanella di Borghese 48, contact here

The terrace lounge bar at Zuma, which sits atop the Palazzo Fendi, has a menu with a twist: they serve an upscale take on izakaya. Japanese small plates are meant to be shared while you take in the view of one of Rome’s chicest areas.

Cielo Terrace at Hotel de la Ville

Via Sistina 69, +39 0697793716

In addition to its impressive menu and simple, elegant aesthetic, Cielo Terrace prides itself on providing “the most extraordinary sunset experience in Rome”. If you’re looking for fine food and wine accompanied by a peach-and-pink sky that softly turns to a canopy of stars, this is the place to go.

Offering an Italian-Asian fusion menu, Cielo serves lunch and dinner.

Up Sunset Bar

Located on the 6th and 7th floors of La Rinascente at Via del Tritone 61, +39 06 6992 2284

Cocktails and Mediterranean fare are served in this sunny, sophisticated spot that crowns La Rinascente Department Store.

Il Giardino at Hotel Eden

Via Ludovisi 49, book online

Il Giardino’s dishes combine authenticity and simplicity, while offering views of il Vittoriano, Villa Medici, Villa Borghese, and St. Peter’s.

The dress code at Il Giardino requests that guests do not wear baseball hats, sports gear or flip flops.

Imàgo at Hotel Hassler

“Dine among the stars” at Hotel Hassler’s Imàgo, another of the Michelin-starred rooftop restaurants in Rome.


Angelina a Testaccio

Via Galvani 24/a, +39 0657283840

Located in the foodie heart of Rome, Angelina is one of the city’s more unique rooftop restaurants. You can enjoy food and drinks on the layered terraces, but keep in mind that only some of the seats are outdoors. The others are tucked into the nooks and crannies of the building, which once housed a cattle butcher.

View from Spritzeria Monti rooftop bar in Rome, Italy



Lungotevere Portuense 200, +39 06 5528 6951

With its three distinct parts (loft, dehors, and terrace), Pianoalto is divided into spaces for drinking and dining. I’m partial to the dehors that’s covered with vines and twinkly lights.

Jacopa at Hotel San Francesco 

Via Jacopa de’ Settesoli 7, book via Whatsapp +39 06 58 09 075

Being a big fan of natural wine, I really enjoyed the aperitivo I had at Jacopa. Not your thing? Don’t worry, they also offer cocktails and craft beers alongside a menu that’s sorted into salty and sweet.


Roof Garden Les Étoiles at Atlante Star Hotel

Via Giovanni Vitelleschi 34 – book online or call + 39 06 687 3233

Offering what may just be the most splendid view of Vatican City, Les Étoiles is popular among film and TV production companies. The restaurant serves Italian fare with some international elements thrown in at brunch, lunch and dinner. 

Mama Shelter Rooftop

Via Luigi Rizzo 20 – +39 06 94 53 89 00 – book online

Perched on a 217-room hotel of the same name, Mama Shelter Rooftop has a menu of antipasti and desserts, as well as cocktails, which you can sip on a sunbed.

Residenza Paolo VI Hotel

Via Paolo VI 26 – +39 06 68 48 70 –

Religious pilgrims to Rome will enjoy the celestial ambiance cultivated on the terrace of the Residenza Paolo VI Hotel (open year-round). On Sundays at noon, you can even watch the pope’s Angelus from a dedicated area.

The Magick Bar

Lungotevere Oberdan 2 – +38 349 681 5516

Nestled among the trees that line the Tiber River is the Magick Bar, which, owing to its dark wood and leather furnishings, brings to mind an outdoor speakeasy. A strictly summer joint, you can drink or dine at the bar or its sister restaurant between May and September.

Via Veneto

Hotel Savoy

Via Ludovisi 15 – WhatsApp: +39 331 667 7515

In walking distance from the Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain, the 360-degree view from this seventh-floor terrace has to be one of the best in Rome.

Mirabelle at Hotel Splendide Royal

Via di Porta Pinciana 14 – book online

With views of Villa Borghese, Trinità dei Monti and Saint Peter’s Basilica, there’ll be no shortage of beauty as you dine on the gourmet food at Mirabelle.

Adèle Mixology Lounge at Hotel Splendide Royal

Book online

Dedicated to the owner of the hotel’s daughter, Adèle Mixology Lounge is elegant and exclusive. You can sample small plates with your innovative cocktail (one called “Italian breakfast” combines butter and toasted bread with bourbon and rye).

There is a “smart casual” dress code for men, which asks that they do not wear shorts or flip flops.

View of the Victor Emmanuel monument from Oro Bistrot in Rome, Italy
Golden hour at Oro Bistrot

Vittorio Emanuele

Terrazza dei Papi Roofgarden Restaurant at the Mecenate Palace Hotel

Via Carlo Alberto 3 – +39 06 44 70 20 24

The menu at La Terrazza dei Papi offers Mediterranean and regional dishes and a beautiful view of Santa Maria Maggiore, another of Rome’s four major basilicas.

Sky Bar at the Mecenate Palace Hotel

In the same hotel as the Terrazza dei Papi, you can sip a cocktail while you watch the sunset over Rome at Sky Bar.

View from the top of the dome of St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, Italy
Can you guess where this rooftop view is from?

Rooftop bars and restaurants in Rome at monuments and museums!

Because Rome is Rome, some of the city’s most famous monuments and museums have rooftop bars, too.

St. Peter’s Basilica

Climbing to the top of the dome of St. Peter’s is pretty grueling (although there’s an elevator if you need some assistance), but fear not! There’s a bar waiting up there. This isn’t the type of place you can call and make reservations at for aperitivo, though, it’s just a stop on your way up to one of the city’s most impressive viewpoints.

Castel Sant’Angelo 

The bar at Castel Sant’Angelo offers peekaboo views of Saint Peter’s and the Tiber River. 

Chiostro del Bramante

This one’s a bit out of place because it’s not actually on a rooftop bar or restaurant, but rather, a cafe that’s located on an upper level of the museum at Chiostro del Bramante. The outdoor seating looks into the Renaissance building’s courtyard, though, so the view isn’t too shabby at all.

Caffetteria Italia Al Vittoriano 

Tucked into the Victor Emmanuel monument in Piazza Venezia is Caffetteria Italia. You can rest your tired feet after a day of touring while taking in the views of the surrounding sights as well as a unique perspective of the monument itself.

View from the bar at Castel Sant'Angelo in Rome, Italy
View from the bar at Castel Sant’Angelo

Best rooftop bars and restaurants in Rome if you’re on a budget

Trying to keep your costs down? Don’t worry, you can still enjoy the Eternal City from on high! Here are my picks for the best rooftop bars and restaurants in Rome if you’re on a budget. They have the added bonus of being in offbeat neighborhoods, so you might get to explore a new part of the city, too:

  1. Feria Loft at Lanificio
  2. The Apartment Bar
  3. Angeli Rock
  4. Angelina a Testaccio

Want an even lower price-tag, like, say, zero dollars? Check out my guide to the best FREE viewpoints in Rome!

You’re also going to want to check out my guide to Roman street food for budget travelers.

There you have it – the complete guide to rooftop bars and restaurants in Rome. Here’s a link to the free map again, so that you can choose the one that suits you based on your location and funds. If I missed any, let me know in the comments, and feel free to share your experiences.

Happy sipping in the sunset, and thanks for reading!

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