Affogato in Rome Italy

The Nibol app: Wifi Cafés and Co-working Spaces in Rome

Do you work remotely? Are you in need of a wifi café or a co-working space in Rome? Look no further than the Nibol app!

The Nibol app: wifi cafés and co-working spaces in Rome

Remote workers and digital nomads who have spent time in Rome might have noticed that it’s not always easy to find a café with wifi or a co-working space. 

Coffees at Marigold in Rome, Italy
Enjoy a delicious coffee while you work!

That said, as a side effect of the thousands of people now working remotely because of COVID, more and more cafés in Rome are starting to welcome remote workers by providing wifi, and co-working spaces are also opening up. 

The Nibol app is a great way to find these wifi cafés and co-working spaces in Rome (and elsewhere in Italy). 

Simply download the app, sign up, choose your city and voilà! You’ve got a list of remote-worker friendly locations.

Keep in mind that many cafés ask people not to stick around and work through lunch, unless you’re going to eat something. 

The Nibol app wifi cafés and co-working spaces in Rome
The Nibol app’s cafés and co-working spaces in Rome

You can even book available co-working spaces directly in the app.

Booking info on the Nibol app
Booking info on the Nibol app

Download the Nibol app for Android here.

Download the Nibol app from the AppStore here.

Affogato in Rome Italy
Work with a side of affogato, anyone?

Where’s your favorite wifi café or co-working space in Rome? Share in the comments!

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