Natural wine at Jacopa in Rome, Italy

The ultimate guide to natural wine in Rome

Updated February 7, 2023

I was introduced to natural wine last year by my dear friend Samantha at Regions of Italy. Since then, I’ve been to a few tastings, a bunch of natural wine bars in Rome, and have enjoyed many (many) glasses of the good stuff.

As these things tend to go, after I tried natural wine for the first time, I started seeing it everywhere. Even since I started putting this post together, more places that serve natural wine have popped up.

I’ve written this ultimate guide to natural wine in Rome so that you know exactly where to get it. Bookmark it for your next trip to the Eternal City, and cin cin!

The ultimate natural wine guide to Rome

What is natural wine?

In a nutshell, natural wine is produced with no pesticides, additives or chemicals. In other words, the winemaking process is “natural” from grape to bottle.

The farming practices are organic. The grapes are picked by hand and then juiced, and the fermentation process makes use of yeast that’s floating around naturally in the air or found on the skin of the grapes. Nothing is added to start or manage the process of the grape juice becoming wine.

Many people refer to this type of wine as being “alive” or “living,” because it’s full of naturally occurring microbiological life.

Read more about what natural wine is here.

Is natural wine organic?

Yes. According to Isabelle Legeron, who founded the RAW Wine Fair, “All natural wines are organic, but not all organic wines are natural.” This is because certain interventions can be made that don’t occur when making natural wine, such as adding something to start or manage fermentation or to clarify organic wines.

It’s all a bit confusing, because some people put organic and biodynamic wines under the “natural wine” umbrella. Indeed, I notice that when ordering wine online, searches for natural wine often turn up organic and biodynamic ones. According to purists, that’s incorrect, but these wines are very often all lumped together without specifying what’s organic vs. biodynamic vs. 100% natural.

What does natural wine taste like?

As you can imagine, because natural wine is produced differently than conventional and organic wines, it often tastes different too.

My favorite natural wines are pet nats, short for the French pétillant naturel  (naturally sparkling). The fermentation of these wines continues once they’re bottled, so the CO2 given off by the yeast gets trapped, giving the wine some fizz. The taste of pet nats can change as they age and the yeast consumes the sugars, meaning that young ones can be sweet but get drier as they age. Some pet nat rosés bring to mind a fruity sour beer and whites often have a tangy kick. If you like kombucha or cider, you might love these kinds of natural wines.

To be fair, I have had a few natural wines that were appalling, particularly a still white that was poured into my empty glass by a friendly drunk before I could catch the server’s eye to order more of the lovely rosé I had been drinking. I have also had a natural orange wine that I would not like to encounter ever again, if possible. Both of these wines were acidic and bitter, like drinking liquid heartburn, and they dried my mouth out.

Don’t be scared, though! Natural wines aren’t for everyone, but try before you dismiss them! 

What do natural wines look like?

Some natural wines are cloudy, because of the lack of additives to clarify them. Some have sediment, called a “fondo” in Italian, which means “bottom”. Others look just like conventional wines.

Natural wine at Barnaba wine bar in Rome, Italy
Natural wine and vignarola with a poached egg and parmigiano on top at Barnaba

Terracanta natural wine in Rome

Where to find natural wine in Rome

So, how can you get your hands on some natural wine in Rome? You have three choices – go to a natural wine bar, dine in a restaurant that serves natural wines, or shop and bring a bottle (or two) home!

Wine bars and restaurants that serve natural wines in Rome generally focus on high-quality, seasonal and local ingredients. After all, if you’re going to consume wine that doesn’t contain a bunch of chemicals and additives, why should you eat food that does?

I’ll do my best to update this list as necessary. As I said above, that’ll be quite a job, because new restaurants and bars that serve natural wine in Rome are opening up all the time!

Natural wine at Jacopa in Rome, Italy
Cheers from the rooftop at Jacopa in Trastevere!

Natural wine bars in Rome

Note that you can purchase bottles to take away at many, if not all of these bars.


Tibibbo – Via Poggio Ameno 52 – +39 370 374 1308

Wine bar with a kitchen that focuses on high-quality local ingredients.


Enoteca Peccati – Via delle Albizzie 12 – +39 06 6477 1389

Beers and liquor are available at this natural wine bar in Centocelle, which also has a delivery service.


Enoteca Wine Concept – Via Capo d’Africa 21 – +39 06 7720 6673

The wines at Enoteca Wine Concept are 100% from small producers, and 90% of them are natural.

Conca d’Oro

Metà – Viale Gottardo 18-20 – +39 345 391 6559

I haven’t been to Metà, but I just looked at their Instagram (linked above) and started drooling, so it’s going on the list.


Mostò – Viale Pinturicchio 32 – +39 392 257 9616

Shop around or sit, snack and stay awhile at this beloved natural wine bar in the north of Rome. 


La Mescita – Via Luigi Fincati 44 – +39 333 301 5847

The first natural wine bar I ever went to! During aperitivo, each glass comes with a plate of nibbles.

Bar Bozza – Via Giulio Rocco 27 – +39 348 897 0047

Bar Bozza is a relative newcomer to the natural wine scene, and it’s quickly become one of my favorites. Read my full post about Bar Bozza here


Naturavino – Via Federico Enriques 25 – +39 06 9799 3937

Naturavino serves natural wines and sells bottles to go. They’re open for aperitivo, dinner and after dinner drinks.

oWine – Via Guido de Ruggiero 64 – +39 06 9593 8970

Natural wines, cocktails and food are all on offer at this wine bar/bistro.


Litro – Via Fratelli Bonnet 5 – +39 06 4544 7639


Open for aperitivo and dinner, Litro’s Insta bio says “Only natural wine and natural food.” What more could you want? They also have a big mezcal selection.


La Barrique – Via del Boschetto 41B – +39 06 47825953

Open for lunch, aperitivo and dinner, the menu at La Barrique changes daily according to what’s fresh. 


Enoteca Bulzoni – Via dei Parioli 34 – +39 06 8070494

Enoteca Bulzoni has been open since 1929. In 2017, it was transformed from a wine shop to a tasting room with a kitchen.


Caffè Sospeso Enoteca – Via Gentile da Mogliano 172 – +39 328 562 9789

Cider, natural wines and food are available to accompany your aperitivo or dinner, or you can pop in late night for a postprandial tipple.

SO2 – Via Ettore Giovenale 62a – +39 346 749 8568

SO2 is a lively natural wine bar and distributor. (It’s also where the aforementioned friendly neighborhood drunk filled my glass with some pretty ghastly wine, so watch your cup.)

Vigneto – Piazza dei Condottieri  26/27 – +39 06 21710136 – +39 328 3131018

Vigneto is a natural wine bar that has a delivery service. Sip at the bar, or order a few bottles right to your door.


Barnaba – Viale della Piramide Cestia 45-47 – WhatsApp +39 3516618020

PERMANENTLY CLOSED (pretty sad about this – it was the closest natural wine bar to my house!)

Barnaba’s natural wine selection is divided into thirds – Italian, non-Italian (mostly French), and Champagnes. Their menu offers a lot of small plates that are great for sharing, and full meals, too.

Ponte Milvio

Ultimo Banco – Via dei Prati della Farnesina 22 – +39 06 8667 3287

One of the newer natural wine bars in Rome, Ultimo Banco has food and a nice selection of wines by the glass and bottle.

Porta Pia

Il Franco – Via Cesare Bosi 18 – +39 345 467 1890

Natural wine and cicchetti are served at this enoteca.

Spaccio Grosso – Via Ancona 40 – +39 0689014684

According to their Insta bio, they’re your “personal good wine and natural food dealer.”


Fischio – Piazzale degli Eroi – +39 342 529 0533

Fischio is a kiosk that serves natural wines and craft beer near the Cipro metro stop. Seating is limited, but the hip crowd that flocks there takes over the area behind the bar, leaning on a low wall and chatting away. They’ve got a bathroom now too, so it’s a lot easier to stay and keep drinking.

San Lorenzo

Giufà – Via degli Aurunci 38 – +39 06 4436 1406

Giufà is half natural wine bar and half bookshop, so you can browse and booze at the same time.

San Paolo

Mashroom – Via Pietro Giordani 19 – +39 349 291 2856

Beer is the emphasis at Mashroom, but they also sell natural wines, and their menu looks verrrry interesting (*adds to never-ending list of places to go in Rome*).


Vinificio – Piazza dell’Emporio 1 – +39 389 179 8451

Another newish kid on the block, I couldn’t have been happier when Vinificio opened  because it’s so close to my house! The sister of Pastificio in San Lorenzo, Vinificio’s slogan is “vino vero cibo funky” or “real wine funky food”. I love the cool interior and the food I’ve had there has been great.


Enoteca L’antidoto – Vicolo del Bologna 19 – No reservations

Keep an eye on L’antidoto’s Instagram account – they often have special tasting dinners where they bring producers in and pair small plates made by guest chefs with natural wines.

Latteria Trastevere – Vicolo della Scala 1 – +39 06 5833 2008

Tiny outdoor tables and twinkly lights make this the perfect spot for a romantic evening in Trastevere.

Looking for more ROMAnce? (See what I did there?) Check out my post on where to go on a dinner date in Rome!

A glass of red natural wine and a tomato salad at Enoteca L'antidoto in Rome, Italy
Enoteca L’antidoto

Restaurants that serve natural wine in Rome


Must! – Viale Aventino 83 – +39 368 340 6733

A large selection of natural wines can be found at Must!, a bistro/watering hole that serves up food and drinks from 6pm – 2am Tuesday through Saturday. If you’re hungry, try the chicken nuggets.


Legs – Via delle Rose 54 (Centocelle) – 06 6496 2847

Legs GO – Via Giovanni da Empoli (Ostiense) – +39 06 8395 7506

Their Instagram bio reads “Italian fried chicken, local craft beer, raw wine.” Sounds good to me! The original Legs is in Centocelle, but they opened a takeaway spot in Ostiense!

Centorti Osteria Culturale – Via dei Glicini 46a/b – +39 333 613 1021

Recently included in a list of Puntarella Rossa’s best modern trattorie in Rome (which, incidentally, corresponds pretty closely to my post on where to eat in Rome – I guess I’m a modern trattoria kind of girl), Centorti pays strict attention to its wine list and features many recipes and products from the Lazio region.


Caffè Propaganda – Via Claudia 15 – 351 917 0673

Cocktails, an impressive menu, and of course, a natural wine list are all available at this 1900s-style bistro.

Circo Massimo

Il Circoletto –  Via dei Cerchi 55 – 06 8377 7691

Opened by the same crew behind Trecca (one of my favorite restaurants in Rome), Circoletto serves up what might be classified as Roman pub food. The menu’s always changing, but on my recent experiences there, the highlights included a tramezzino with house-made beef tongue pastrami, pizza bianca with a pile of mortadella, baccalà fried golden brown, oh and, some great natural wines, of course!

Conca d’Oro/Jonio

Mangiadischi – Via Val di Sangro 35 – +39 348 008 1620

“Non basta che sia buono!” (It’s not enough to be good!) says the wall of this modern trattoria, which strives for food to be more than just good, but also ethical and sustainable.


Marzapane – Via Flaminia 64 – +39 06 6478 1692 – Book online

Marzapane prides itself on creating simple, delicious dishes using the highest-quality ingredients from small producers. Their wine list boasts 100 labels with an emphasis on Sicily.


5e28 – Via Costantino 34 – +39 329 2665213

A combination of Roman food and non, 5e28 mixes innovation with tradition, with a glass of natural wine on the side.

TukTuk Ride – Via Giovannipoli 125 – +39 06 8901 1631

Alongside craft beers and clever cocktails is a nice selection of natural wines at TukTuk Ride, which serves up a variety of traditional Thai and Thai-inspired dishes.

TukTuk Ride is on my list of the best non-Italian restaurants in Rome!


Asian Inn – Viale Guglielmo Marconi 586 – 06 9259 2048

Craving something besides cacio e pepe? Head to Asian Inn for Chinese food and Italian natural wine! 


Cesare al Casaletto – Via del Casaletto 45 – 06 536015

Not only does Cesare have a huge natural wine list, they also have FRIED GNOCCHI CACIO E PEPE. Come hungry, and wear your stretchiest pants.

La Gatta Mangiona – Via Federico Ozanam 30/32 – 06 534 6702

La Gatta Mangiona is well loved and well known for its thick-crust pizza, which you can wash down with craft beer or natural vino.


Uve e Forme – Via Padova 6/8 – +39 06 4423 6801

An enoteca/bistro, Uve e Forme sometimes hosts aperitivi with natural wine producers. Check out their Facebook page for more info.

Porta Pia

Il Franco – Via Cesare Bosi 18 – +39 345 467 1890


Marigold – Via Giovanni da Empoli 37 – 06 8772 5679 – Book online

Marigold is one of my favorite places to eat in Rome, so I was thrilled to discover that they have natural wines, too. The friendly staff and the coffee, brunch, lunch and baked goods offered can’t be beat. They do seasonal dinners, too, so check their website or Instagram account to keep up with the latest.

Osteria dei Fratelli Mori – Via dei Conciatori 10 – 331 323 4399 – Book online

Fratelli Mori is a cozy, convivial spot for Roman classics paired with natural wine. Don’t miss the desserts, either. They’re some of the best in the city.

Trattoria Pennestri – Via Giovanni da Empoli 5 – + 39 06 574 2418

Trattoria Pennestri serves up modern Roman cuisine and has earned a spot in the Michelin guide.

Fuorinorma – Via Giuseppe Giulietti 5 – +39 9436 6835

Sustainable, local, fresh ingredients are on the menu at Fuorinorma (and so is natural wine).


Armando al Pantheon – Salita de’ Crescenzi 31 –  06 6880 3034 – Book online

I love Armando al Pantheon, so much so that I have a whole post dedicated to it. Go. Eat the gricia, fettuccine with chicken giblets, saltimbocca, cicoria ripassata, whatever else sounds good (because it will be), and wash it down with some natural wine. By the way, I’m not the only one who loves it – so book well in advance.

Piazza Navona

Retrobottega – Via della Stelletta 4 – 06 68136310 – Book online

The menu at Retrobottega changes seasonally, but it always looks interesting, and their wine list is HUGE. If you’re looking for a splurge for your time in Rome, this might just be a good place to do it.


Indigeno – Via Renzo da Ceri 6/6A – +39 389 435 8878

Vegetarian and vegan food are served in this osteria.

Pastorie – Via Pesaro 40 – 393 955 8235

Food from Abruzzo and natural wine. Yes, please. Pastorie has a special place in my heart, because I went there to celebrate the day I got my Italian citizenship!

La Santeria Bistrot – Via del Pigneto 209 – 06 64801606

A mix of Roman and international cuisine are served at this recently reopened bistro. 

La Santeria di Mare – Via del Pigneto 213 – 06 89230730

The sister restaurant of the bistrot, La Santeria di Mare, specializes in seafood (and natural wines, of course).


Écru – Via Accaioli 13 – +39 0668804282

Considering that Ècru specializes in raw, organic vegan food, it would make sense that they serve it up with natural wine!


Galbi – Via Cremera 21 – +39 06 884 2132

If you’re tired of Roman food, head to Galbi for Korean and natural wine.

San Giovanni

Barred – Via Cesena 30 – 06 9727 3382

I recently went to Barred for the first time, and it was stellar. The food was inventive, taking classic ingredients to new heights (e.g. traditional Roman beef tongue paired with ponzu sauce and apricots), and they have a killer natural wine selection.

Enoteca Verso – Via Taranto 38 – 06 7045 4326

A massive wine list (1,000 labels, according to their website) accompanies a menu that has something for everyone, including vegetarians and vegans.

Santo Palato – Piazza Tarquinia 4a/b – 06 7720 7354

Santo Palato is one of my favorite restaurants in Rome. The menu changes, but you can always find a few classics, a few specials, some innovative quinto quarto dishes, and excellent natural wines.

Trattoria Epiro – Piazza Epiro 26 – +39 06 6931 7603

Natural wines pair with a small menu that’s boosted by seasonal specials at this well-loved spot in San Giovanni.

San Lorenzo

Farinè la pizza – Via degli Aurunci 6 – 06 445 1162

Farinè was recommended to me by a friend who works in the world of natural wine in Rome, so on a hot summer night when I found myself unexpectedly in San Lorenzo, I knew I had to try it. I’ve been back several times since. The wines are great, and the pizzas come in three sizes, so that means you can try a bunch of different ones! After all, the only thing better than pizza is more pizza, right?

Pastificio San Lorenzo – Via Tiburtina 196 – 06 504 2669

Located in an old pasta factory, Pastificio San Lorenzo combines retro vibes with a modern twist.

Tram Tram – Via dei Reti 44 – 06 490416

A cozy Roman/Pugliese restaurant in San Lorenzo with the best. fried. anchovies. ever.

San Paolo

Sorso – Via Ostiense 187 – 06 9887 2803

A bistro that serves natural wines and craft beers located on a lively strip near San Paolo.

Trecca – Via Alessandro Severo 222 – +39 06 8865 0867

I love Trecca. The staff is great, the food is dynamite, and the natural wine is always flowing. If you’re in Rome, don’t miss it.


Collettivo Gastronomico Testaccio – Largo Dino Frisullo 1 – +39 389 248 8413

This spot behind the Mattatoio is open for lunch, aperitivo and dinner on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. The wine list isn’t all natural, so this is a great option for mixed groups of natty fans and non. 


Jacopa – Via Jacopa de’ Settesoli 7 – 06 580 9075

Sip natural wine while enjoying the sunset at Jacopa’s dreamy rooftop space.

Loving the Roman rooftop experience? Check out my complete guide to rooftop restaurants and bars in Rome!

La Tavernaccia da Bruno – Via Giovanni da Castel Bolognese 63 – 06 581 2792

From the warm, friendly staff to the natural wine to the hearty dishes on the menu (they make their lasagna in a wood-fired pizza oven), dining at La Tavernaccia is a delight.

Luppolo Station – Via Giuseppe Parini 4 – 06 5833 2681

Most people go to this pub for burgers and beer, and rightly so, but if you prefer wine like me, check out their list of naturals.

Proloco Trastevere – Via Goffredo Mameli 23 – 06 4559 6137 –  Book online

The menu at Proloco Trastevere specializes in ingredients sourced locally from Rome and Lazio.

Seu Pizza Illuminati – Via Angelo Bargoni 10 – 18 – 06 588 3384 – Book online

One of Rome’s most creative pizzerias, you’ll find seasonally rotating toppings at Seu that you won’t find anywhere else in the city. Their summer 2021 menu included pizzas topped with prosciutto e melone and chicken SEUsar salad, just to name a few.

Here’s my full post on Seu.


Eufrosino Osteria – Via di Tor Pignattara 188 – 348 588 3932

The menu changes monthly and showcases specialties from all over Italy.

Osteria Grandma – Via dei Corneli 25 – 375 611 5695

A great wine list complements an eclectic menu at Osteria Grandma. By eclectic I mean that when I ate there I had injera, a traditional bread from Ethiopia, with lentils and vegetables, and my friend had picchiapò, a Roman classic of boiled meat with onion and tomato. 

Natural wine shops in Rome


Ciao – Vicolo di San Celso 8 – +39 3791732598

This self-described grocery store sells farm-fresh food, natural wines and craft beers and plays music. I haven’t been to Ciao yet, but I can’t wait to check it out.


Fermentazioni  – Via Giovan Battista Gandino 16 – +39 328 035 4293

Natural wines, craft beers and snacks are all available at Fermentazioni. 

Solo Vino – Via Rialto 25 – + 39 347 990 0589

Don’t let the tiny size of this shop fool you – they’ve got a great selection! As an added bonus, they deliver in Rome and ship all over Italy. 

Enoteca Vetro – Via Emilio Faà di Bruno 69 – Order at: +39 3278113166

This spot offers same-day delivery all over Rome.


Les Vignerons – Via Goffredo Mameli 61/62 – +39 06 6477 1439

One of the better-known natural wine shops in Rome, Les Vignerons focuses on small producers, and also sells food items and beer.

Other places to have natural wine in Rome

Campo de’ Fiori

Rimessa Roscioli – Via del Conservatorio 58 –+ 39 06 6880 391

In addition to the Roscioli family’s salumeria, bakery, and bar, Rimessa Roscioli is a restaurant that also offers a few different culinary experiences, including wine tastings, cooking classes, a restaurant and even a wine club!


VinoRoma – Via dei Selci 84G –

With a motto of “Drink wine. Not too much. Mostly Italian.” VinoRoma offers a new way to experience natural wine in the Eternal City. They specialize in wine education at their studio and cellar. Sign up for their newsletter to learn about upcoming events (see the bottom of their homepage).

Natural wine fairs in Rome

Vini Selvaggi

Vini Selvaggi is an annual natural wine fair in Rome. Check out their website for dates and details.

Vignaioli Naturali a Roma

This is another annual wine fair in Rome. Their next session will be held in January  29 and 30, 2022.

Vignaioli Artigiani Naturali – VAN

VAN has a yearly fair and also does tastings in various enotecas, wineries and restaurants, too.

Questions or thoughts on natural wine? Share below!

Did I miss any places to get natural wine in Rome? Let me know in the comments!

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