Tortellini in brodo at Trattoria Serghei in Bologna, Italy

Trattoria Serghei in Bologna

Trattoria Serghei in Bologna

Location and opening hours

Via Paella 12 – 12:30 – 2:30; 7:30 – 10pm – closed Saturdays for dinner and Sundays

When I first started working in Bologna, I met a friend for a winter lunch on a chilly, wet day. She had lived there years before and suggested a place I hadn’t been called Trattoria Serghei. If you’re visiting Bologna and want to have an authentic meal in a cozy space, it’s a great option.

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Tortellini in brodo

It was one of those lovely days where I had finished teaching by noon, and all I had to look forward to was lunch and catching up with my friend, whom I hadn’t seen in years. The streets buzzed with pre-Christmas energy, twinkling lights, and the joy of knowing that in a few short weeks, I’d be at my parents’ house on vacation. Bliss.

I wound my way through the streets, raising my umbrella as I popped out from the porticoes and lowering it again when I popped back under.

I found Via Piella easily, and walked slowly towards the restaurant. Even though I had been working in Bologna for about six months at the time I didn’t know it well since I was living in Padua at the time. Her narrow streets and secret corners charmed me, and I was happy to be exploring beyond the walls of my classroom.

I grinned as my friend came around the corner. We hugged and then made our way inside.

What followed was one of my best meals in Italy to date. I knew that Bologna had amazing food like tagliatelle al ragù, lasagne, and affettati e formaggi to die for, but I had never had tortellini in brodo, or tortellini in broth.

This is exactly, and I mean exactly, what you want to eat on a damp, cold winter day, preferably with a fabulous friend and a few delicious glasses of wine. The plump little pillows of pasta soak in a warm and savory broth, and the dish is finished with salty, aged parmesan. Perfection.

Tortellini in brodo in a white bowl at Trattoria Serghei in Bologna, Italy
My first bowl of tortellini in brodo

The tortellini in brodo at Trattoria Serghei are so good that I got them again much more recently when my parents were visiting. It was another chilly winter day (well, night this time) and we booked an early table.

It was their last night in Bologna, so we were all a bit sad, but finishing their trip at Trattoria Serghei was definitely the right choice.

Tortelloni alla gorgonzola

My mom went for tortelloni alla gorgonzola, which came with a light cream sauce.

Tortelloni alla gorgonzola at Trattoria Serghei in Bologna, Italy
Gorgonzola-filled goodness

Agnolotti alla rucola

Dad got agnolotti alla rucola, which are a traditional dish from Piedmont and are similar to ravioli.

Agnolotti alla rucola at trattoria serghei in Bologna, Italy
More filled pasta, and more cream!

Lasagna verde

Sweetheart got the lasagna verde with a hefty dusting of parmesan on top.

Lasagna verde at Trattoria Serghei in Bologna, Italy
Lasagna, anyone?

And, like I said above, I went for the tortellini in brodo again, because I needed comfort food, and there isn’t anything better than pasta in broth to warm you, inside and out, on a cold winter night.

Tortellini in brodo at Trattoria Serghei in Bologna, Italy
The ultimate comfort food


Make a pit stop to see Little Venice after your meal!

I’d recommend Trattoria Serghei to anyone visiting Bologna. Also, if you find yourself there and have a few minutes to spare on Via Piella, look for la finestrella and transport yourself to Venice!

La Finestrella in Via Piella, Bologna, Italy
Little Venice!

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