Vegan burger at Flower Burger in Rome, Italy

Vegan restaurants in Rome

A few years ago, I had a vegan friend visit when I was living in Padua, and we traveled to Florence and Rome while he was here. I put together a list of some great restaurants with vegan options that we ate at in Florence, and I thought I’d write about where we ate in Rome, too!

Cheese is such a staple ingredient in Italian cuisine that I was worried he’d have trouble finding anything to eat here, but I was totally wrong. Italy has opened up in terms of culinary offerings over the past several years, and yummy vegetarian and vegan options really aren’t that hard to come by now. I was surprised at the number of vegan restaurants in Rome when I started looking for places for us to eat.

Since his visit, I’ve tried some other vegan restaurants in Rome. I’m excited to expand this post with more info for vegan foodies visiting the Eternal City.

Ok, let’s get to it!

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Vegan restaurants in Rome

Flower Burger – Via dei Gracchi 87 – Prati

Flower Burger is an Italian chain with locations all over Italy. They offer several different kinds of patties, sauces, toppings, fries and desserts.

We stopped there for a quick lunch after touring the Vatican with a squillion other people. The interior is illuminated with bright colors that match the buns on the delicious burgers.

The friendly woman behind the counter gave us two menus. There’s no table service at Flower Burger, so we took a seat to decide what we wanted, then returned to the counter to order.

I had the Cherry Bomb, a lentil patty with tomato confit, bean sprouts, lettuce, vegan cheddar, and a spicy sauce. It was bursting with flavor. The tomatoes were tangy, the bean spouts and lettuce added a nice crunch, and the vegan cheddar was creamy. My favorite thing about it was the bright pink bun!

Vegan burger at Flower Burger in Rome, Italy
Hi Barbie!

My friend went for the Ocean Burger, a spring/summer special that comes with a quinoa patty, lettuce, tomato, guacamole, and a bright blue bun that’s colored with spirulina extract.

Ocean burger at flower burger in Rome, Italy
Ocean burger – hold the fish

My vegan friend gave this place a rave review, and I really enjoyed my burger even as a non-vegan. If you want a good-tasting, affordable vegan burger in Rome, this is the place to go!

Rifugio Romano – Via Volturno 39/41 – Termini

I recently ate at Rifugio Romano, which makes vegan versions of Roman classics like carbonara, cacio e pepe and amatriciana, in addition to traditional meat-based secondi like saltimbocca, and baccalà and pollo alla romana.

I couldn’t believe how close they tasted – and not only that, how great everything was. If you’re a vegan and you want to sample some Roman food minus the meat, book your table at Rifugio Romano.

Aromaticus – Via Natale del Grande 6/7 – Trastevere & Via Urbana 134 – Monti

Serving both vegetarian and vegan dishes, Aromaticus has a creative menu and a welcoming atmosphere. I’ll admit I have yet to visit the location in Monti, but the one in Trastevere offers an extremely pleasant dining experience (and their falafel wrap is one of the best in town).

Aromaticus focuses on local, organic ingredients, and they’ve eliminated the use of non-biodegradable materials for pickup and delivery.

They serve lunch, aperitivo, dinner and snacks (i.e. cakes, cookies, coffee, etc.).

Grezzo Raw Chocolate – Piazza Mattei 14 – Ghetto, Via Urbana 130 – Monti & Piazza Euclide 39 – Parioli

Calling all vegans with a sweet tooth! Since 2014, Grezzo Raw Chocolate has been serving gluten and lactose free organic vegan chocolate-based cookies, cakes, chocolates and spreads. Nothing is cooked above 42 degrees Celsius, which preserves a lot of the nutrient quality of the ingredients they use.

Do you have any other vegan restaurants in Rome to share? Post them in the comments!

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