Flowers at Campo de' Fiori in Rome, Italy

Where to eat (and drink) near Campo de’ Fiori in Rome

Conventional travel wisdom says to walk at least 5 blocks away from any tourist attraction in order to find good restaurants. 

In Rome, this couldn’t be more wrong, both because there are tons of excellent places to eat in the city center, some of them being adjacent to the city’s busiest and most famous attractions, and also because good luck measuring blocks in Rome.

Sure, you’re going to find a lot of tourist traps around major sites everywhere in Italy – well, not you personally, because you’re going to read my guide on avoiding tourist traps before you go.

And you’re also going to have knowledge of some of the great restaurants you can find a stone’s throw from Rome’s most-visited places, because you’re going to read my guides on the topic.

I’m starting with one of the city’s most touristed areas, where you’ll find lots of accommodation and consequently lots of travelers.

Without further ado, here’s my list of places to eat (and drink!) near Campo de’ Fiori.

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Where to eat near Campo de’ Fiori

A little about Campo de’ Fiori

Featured as stop number one on my walking tour of Rome, Campo de’ Fiori is one of Rome’s best-known squares.

A food and flower market in the morning and something of a meat market at night, Campo de’ Fiori starts its day full of people shopping and ends it full of people sipping drinks (or perhaps shooting them back).

The shoppers tend to be a mix of locals and tourists, and the evening shift is taken over by international students and local night crawlers who want to cut loose.

The piazza is ringed with bars and restaurants, only one of which I can recommend for food (more below). If you’re just after drinks, pretty much any of them will do. 

All of the places I’m going to recommend are in very close proximity to Campo de’ Fiori – I think the furthest is  a six-minute walk from the square. I’ve done my best to include something for everyone.

Flowers at Campo de' Fiori in Rome, Italy
How the square starts its day

A note on “tourist traps”

So, I’d be willing to bet that you’ll run into some tourists in these places, but bear with me – you’re visiting Rome, so you’re a tourist too, and you’re staying in one of the most heavily touristed areas of the city. 

If you walk into one of these joints and don’t see many locals, that doesn’t mean it’s a tourist trap. Among other things, tourist traps gouge people for mediocre food and serve dishes that aren’t typically on menus elsewhere, tailoring them to the palates of visitors rather than local ones (but you already know that because you read my post about tourist traps). 

Say it with me: Just because there are tourists eating somewhere doesn’t make it a tourist trap.

Now that we’ve got that cleared up, let’s eat.

Sit-down meals

If you’re looking for a place to have a long lunch or perhaps unwind over dinner after a long day of sightseeing, this is the list for you. I would HIGHLY recommend making a reservation at all of these places.

Hosteria Grappolo d’Oro

Piazza della Cancelleria 80 – To book, call +39 06 689 7080 or use their online booking service. 

Browse the menu here.

If you’re very hungry and a big fan of Roman food, Grappolo d’Oro offers a Roman tasting menu for €34 per person (it’s at the beginning of the menu, linked above). 

If that doesn’t tempt you, select from there list of antipasti, primi, secondi di carne (meat mains) or secondi di pesce (fish mains). Their Roman pastas are top notch, and I just love their antipasto misto, which allows you to try a bunch of different starters. 

There’s also an excellent wine list.

Book well in advance.

Hosteria Grappolo d'Oro in Rome, Italy
The appetizer sampler at Grappolo d’Oro

Da Cesare al Pellegrino

Via del Pellegrino 117 – Call +39 06 6880 1978 to book.

The sister of one of my very favorite restaurants in Rome, da Cesare al Casaletto, this spot was previously home to da Settimio al Pellegrino, a name that Bourdain fans might recognize. The owners of Settimio retired and handed over the reins to the couple from Casaletto. 

The menu is a mix of seasonal offerings, inspired by what’s available at the market, and some of Settimio’s old classics, including their famous meatballs, which I had when I went and would happily have pretty much constantly, if I could.

Book well in advance.

da Cesare al Pellegrino in Rome, Italy
Our table at Cesare al Pellegrino

Roscioli Salumeria

Via dei Giubbonari 21 – Book online here.

The Roscioli family’s ever endeavor seems to be loved by foodies – in fact, there are two and a half Roscioli spots on this list. The salumeria is crowded and cozy, the menu is inventive and fun, but includes old classics, and there is an impressive selection of cold cuts, cheeses, smoked fish and anchovies.

Book well in advance.

Coffee at Roscioli Salumeria in Rome, Italy

Emma Pizzeria

Via del Monte della Farina 28 – Call +39 06 6476 0475 to book.

Anyone who knows me knows I’m an Emma fangirl. This is one of those spots that you’re bound to see other tourists at (like Roscioli), but I think that the food is truly excellent. 

This is, by the way, the “half” of a Roscioli place I mentioned above – the recipe for the pizza dough was formulated by renowned baker Pierluigi Roscioli. 

Lots of people say that you can’t get good pizza and good pasta in the same restaurant – and I say, clearly, you’ve never been to Emma.

Cacio e pepe at Emma Pizzeria in Rome, Italy
Cacio e pepe at Emma

La Quercia

Piazza della Quercia 23 – Call +39 06 6830 0932 to book.

I recently went to La Quercia for the first time, and I already can’t wait to go back. I even wrote a whole post about it.

TLDR: It’s really good and you should go.

Osteria la Quercia in Rome, Italy
Pasta at La Quercia

Wine bars

If you’re not up for going out but feel like relaxing with a bottle of wine, you can pick one up from any of these spots and bring it back to your accommodation.

L’angolo Divino

Via dei Balestrari 12-14 – Call +39 06 686 4413 to book.

Open since 1946, L’angolo Divino is an enoteca that also serves food and does wine tastings.

Vini e vinili

Via del Pellegrino 77

This hip spot offers natural and biodynamic wines and a soundtrack of 70s and 80s albums.

Il Vinaietto

Via del Monte della Farina 38

A bottle or glass of wine before heading across the street to Emma is one of my favorite lunch or dinner combos. There isn’t much in the way of seating, so be prepared to stand with the crowd out front.

Il Vinaietto in Rome, Italy

Il Goccetto

Via dei Banchi Vecchi 14

One of Rome’s best-loved wine bars, Il Goccetto also offers small plates to share. Indoor and outdoor seating are available, but like Vinaietto, you can also just grab a glass and mill around outside.

Il Goccetto in Rome, Italy

Craft beer

Open Baladin

Via degli Specchi 6 – Call +39 06 683 8989 to book. 

With 100 bottled ones available and over 40 on tap, beer lovers rejoice! Open Baladin also has great burgers, so make it a lunch or dinner date.

Johnny’s Off License

Via dei Balestrari 9

If you want to pick up some beer or wine and head back to your accommodation to rest, Johnny’s is a great place to do it. 

Open Baladin in Rome, Italy
Beer wall at Open Baladin

Non-Italian food


Via dei Baullari 147a – Call +39 06 6476 0753 to book – Instagram

Had enough Roman food? Shiroya is a great Japanese restaurant just off of the square. Included in the 2023 Michelin Guide, Shiroya serves sushi, ramen and donburi alongside a selection of Japanese beers. Browse the food menu or the drinks here.

If you want more suggestions on the best non-Italian food in Rome, I’ve got you covered.

Gluten free

Voglia di Pizza

Via dei Giubbonari 33 – +39 06 687 5293

If you can’t eat gluten and are staying near Campo de’ Fiori, you’re in luck! Voglia di Pizza serves gluten free pizza and pasta.

Pizza by the slice

Forno Campo de’ Fiori

Piazza Campo de’ Fiori 22

The only spot on this list that’s actually on the square, I have mentioned Forno Campo de’ Fiori in many posts, and I will continue to do so, because the pizza bianca there is just so good. Get it alone or filled with mortadella and gobble it down standing near the fountain outside (you may find me there doing the same).

They also have bread, sweets, and other baked items.

Antico Forno Roscioli

Via dei Chiavari 34

Another place I often wax poetic about, the pizza by the slice at Antico Forno Roscioli is probably my favorite in the city. They offer a bunch of different toppings, but don’t overthink it – the margherita in its splendid simplicity is an ode to the essence of Italian food.

Unfortunately, I am not the only person who has this pizza stamped on her heart, so you’ll probably have to wait in line unless you’re extremely lucky or go at an off time. It’s worth the wait.

Like Forno, you can buy desserts, bread and prepared foods at Antico Forno Roscioli too.

Pizza from Antico Forno Roscioli in Rome, Italy

Street food

I recently wrote a big fat guide to street food in Rome for travelers on a budget or for anyone who just enjoys goodness. It’s full of favorites that will expand the belly but only gently lighten the wallet.

Dar Filettaro

Largo dei Librari 88

Widely known in Rome for its filetti di baccalà (fried salt cod), Dar Filettaro is a favorite amongst locals and tourists. You can sit in and eat or take your filetto to go.

Amerina la Pizzetta

Largo dei Librari 82 – Instagram

A new-to-me spot in a little piazza off of Via dei Giubbonari, America la Pizzetta should be on the list of anyone staying near Campo de’ Fiori. 

The woman behind the dough is an Abruzzese nonna. Couple her recipe with the best Italian ingredients (mozzarella from Campania, prosciutto from Parma, tomatoes from Calabria, etc.), and you’ve got perfect little pizzas. 

I love the size because it means you can try more than one! Amerina’s pizzette can be taken away or eaten at one of the little tables in the square.

Amerina la Pizzetta in Rome, Italy


Via dei Banchi Vecchi 143

Rome’s answer to the Sicilian arancino is the supplì – saucy rice shaped around a mozzarella heart that’s coated and deep fried. They make a perfect crunchy street snack. Supplizio specializes in supplì and other Roman food.



Via del Pellegrino 87

For specialty coffee in the Campo de’ Fiori area, Barnum is the place to go. They also serve breakfast and brunch.

Bar Farnese

Via dei Baullari 20

If you’re looking for a quintessential Italian coffee bar, Bar Farnese is it. Stepping through the door is like stepping back in time. Stop in for a classic cappuccino and cornetto combo before you start your day.

Bar Farnese in Rome, Italy



Via dei Chiavari 37A

My favorite gelateria in Rome, Fatamorgana has multiple locations, and one is just outside of Campo de’ Fiori. Try the basil, honey and walnut if they have it – I’m addicted.

So there you have it – my list of places to eat and drink near Campo de’ Fiori. If you have a spot near the square that you love, share it in the comments!

Fatamorgana in Rome, Italy

How else can I help you?

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Topics you’re curious about? Guide you want to see? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading!

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